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Eydens Auto Locksmith provides fast, easy service for replacing your car keys. If you think your lost key has been picked up by an opportunistic thief in the area, we are able to erase the stolen keys from a vehicle’s immobiliser box and ECU. We can re-code the locks to new combinations and produce new working car keys.

Around 100,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the UK.

It can take less than
10 seconds for a thief to gain access and drive away.

Almost 30 million vehicles on UK roads.

About 28,000 vehicle
are reported each month.

Ford Transit Vans account for 17.6% of stolen vans.

The average claim is around £5,091 for stolen tools.

Don’t leave it to chance, call Eydens Auto Locksmith security helpline on 02476 933 993 or contact us and we can give you the right advice and the protection you need!

5 security devices from Eydens to make your van safer


The L4V Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock operating independently from the manufacturer’s locking system. A deadlocking hook bolt engages into its opposing body section. Operated by its high-security external key under full control of the driver. Suitable for owner-drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock. We recommend our Hook Lock is fitted to both the side and rear door.

Arma D Lock

Another retrofit device to help fortify your commercial vehicle. Arma D locks can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle door, be it a slider or a set of rear doors, providing a strong additional barrier to entry. The lock body is made from precision aluminium and houses a 12 mm steel alloy bolt. With its cylinder mechanism built around a high-precision pin tumbler system, Arma D Lock provides a high level of pic and drill resistance.

Ford Transit lock upgrade

If you have a Ford Transit or Ford Transit Custom, did you know you can upgrade the driver’s door lock to one that is much harder to pick and force? This upgrade lock is a simple and efficient way to improve the security of your van.

Our Ford Transit lock upgrades are suitable for 2000 onwards and Ford Transit Custom 2012 onwards. Please call to check your van.

Comes with superb security features such as anti-pick, anti-spin and anti-drill. Competitive pricing and qualified service from your Master Locksmith Association-approved company.

Anti-peel kit

L4V Anti-Peel Kits have been developed to reduce the risk of the common ‘peel and steal’ type of attack. Designed to reduce door peeling, this solution is fitted to the front edge of the vehicle’s side load door. We recommend using this product in conjunction with an L4V Hook Lock in the high position of the rear end of the same side load door

External shields/repair plates

External shields reduce the risk of bodywork punctures that give access to internal lock mechanisms and door latches. Our external shields are vehicle and door specific and so the products we supply vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

The shield acts as a visual deterrent and the shields are available for the following vehicles

  • Ford Custom 2012+
  • Ford Transit MK8 2014+
  • Vauxhall Vivaro 2014-2019, Renault Trafic 2014+, Fiat Talento 2014+, Nissan NV300
  • Nissan Primastar 2001+, Renault Trafic 2001-2014, Vuaxhall Vivaro 2001-2014

We also have L4V Universal Shields where necessary but the successful fit of these depends on the curvature of the door and whether there is anything obstructing the studs that fit on the inside. These are available in circular, square and rectangle.

Ghost ll immobiliser

This is the ultimate in vehicle security. Almost impossible to be detected by criminals so they won’t be able to disarm it.

Ghost ll protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft and doesn’t have key fobs or LED indications to give away its location. It uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, disarm sequence (like a PIN code) that must be entered before you can drive your car. Read more about Ghost ll.

Tracking systems for your van

This may be one of the more expensive options, but not if you are relying on your van for your livelihood, or you are responsible for a commercial fleet. Not only is a GPS tracker an excellent deterrent against vehicle theft, but if the worst should happen you can call the authorities with a location. It also allows you to track mileage, and fuel consumption, limit allowable movement zones and much more.

Eydens Auto Locksmiths will give you excellent advice and recommendations about which of our GPS tracking systems is compatible with your vehicle and fit it for you. Read more or ask for a quote.

Ask us about GPS tracking systems for your van security on
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Finance solutions available

Times are tough and car keys are expensive which is why we can offer finance free of charge over 3 months, on any work we undertake over £60. Larger sales can be financed over 6 or 9 months.

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